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2009-05-05 11:30:00 - ZheJiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturer Co.,Ltd.

In 2008, "Industry and Trade Peace Cup" National Championship cross-country motorcycle race and sixth annual finals for the finals for the second match, Apollo International Racing Team" No.3,Lai Zhifeng won the professional 125CC Team championship. It is worth mentioning that one of our corporation's racer who named Fang Guokai was the ninth of the national good results.

125CC professional group then play the game. Apollo International Racing Team's Lai Zhifeng, Yunnan Honghe's Shi Yumeng and Jia Nashi's YAO Yao three-team competition in the match, but has been the subject of this group. This site before, Lai Zhifeng Hong Kong's international racing team and just a local Wuyi Apollo's motorcycle business cooperation, the interim changed its name to Apollo International Racing Team.With a new sponsor, Lai Zhifeng's performance even more remarkable. Following are the first in the race to obtain the first name, he in today's game to win again, so as to the total score of 205 points won the championship. Shi Yumeng and YAO Yao out at second and third.
It is worth mentioning that, from the Yunnan Honghe team's Shi Yumeng although not the final climb, who had been many players as the future of 19-year-old driver in this year's performance is worth and grow fast. According to the Yunnan Honghe team's coach Xu Peng said, since the Su Wenmin, and other veteran retired after the Yunnan Honhe team to further intensify the efforts to train the young driver. It now appears that a few years earlier in the team's efforts have achieved initial success - Shi Yumeng, Xu Jianhao, and other drivers have cut a striking figure, and the younger Gao Songyao and others also grow gradually, the age structure of the team more reasonable.
Ultimately, the group's annual 125CC professional groups were the top three teams in Yunnan Honghe, an International Racing Team of Apollo and Jia Nashi Team. The local public for the group from Yunnan's Li Li stop team won the championship, but also to help the team get the results of the first group.
So far, this year's National Cross Country Championships have all been the end of a motorcycle. It is reported that next year's national cross-country motorcycle race and the championship game will be on the ground for a moderate change, some new races likely to join the ranks of the whole tournament. 

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